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AMO 3G12

The Omni AirMax 3G12 antenna is a very flexible device to improve throughput and coverage. It works along with different kinds of RocketM technologies, allowing you to build networks of your choice so easily. You can also conveniently change the configurations depending on your needs. Both the RocketM technologies and Omni AirMax 3G12 are built to seamlessly complement each other.

Good Throughput and Distance

The antenna is omnidirectional so it receives and transmits Internet signals at different directions, permitting you to create point-to-multipoint network relationships among various devices. It has a gain of 12 dBi, so you’re able to cover a good amount of distance; it’s a great antenna to use when you need to cover offices with multiple floors as the signal can penetrate a lot of barriers such as ceilings and walls. The elevation beam width is 8 degrees while the down tilt is 4 degrees. It’s a dual-linear polarization antenna as well with a cross-pol isolation rate of -25dB. As a carrier-class antenna, it is more reliable and robust than other types of antennas and is capable of maximizing throughput to two times.


Dimensions (mm):1012 X 122 X 105
Weight: 2.05 kg
Frequency Range: 3.4 - 3.7 GHz
Gain: 12 dBi
Elevation Beamwidth: 8°
Max VSWR: 1.6:1
Downtilt: 4°
Wind Survivability: 125 mph
Wind Loading: 16 lb @ 100 mph
Polarization: Dual-Linear
Cross-pol Isolation: 25 dB min.
ETSI Specification: EN 302 326 DN2